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Free Laser Hair Removal Consultation

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*1. What body area are you considering for laser hair removal?

*2. What have you previously used to remove your unwanted hair? Please select all that apply (hold the ctrl key to select multiple options).

*3. What color is your hair in the area you want to be treated?

Light Brown
Light Blonde

*4. What color is your skin in the area you want to be treated?

Light Brown

*5. Do you have a sun tan?

Slight Tan
No Tan

*6. What is your skin type in the area you are considering to have laser hair removal?

Type I- Always burn, never tan (extremely fair skin/blond hair/blue/green eyes)
Type II- Usually burn, tan less than about average (fair skin, sandy brown to brown hair, green/blue eyes)
Type III- Sometimes mild burn, tan about average (medium skin, brown hair, green/brown eyes)
Type IV- Rarely burn, tan more than average (olive skin, brown/black hair, dark brown/black eyes)
Type V- Moderately pigmented, tans profusely (dark brown skin, black hair, black eyes)
Type VI-Deeply pigmented, never burns (black skin, black hair, black eyes)

*7. Have you been on Accutane in the past 6 months?

Yes No

*8. Are you currently on any medication?

Yes No

If yes, does it cause photosensitivity?

Yes No Not Sure

What is the name of the medication?

Any other questions you would like answered:

*9.) Personal information. Please fill in the appropriate information for better service. All Information is Strictly Confidential!





*Province / Region (Outside U.S. Only)

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*Phone Number

*10. What e-mail address would you like the analysis results sent to? E-mail must be provided to receive information!

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